Android Hidden Settings 1.7.5 Crack MOD APK 2022 Download

Description of Android Hidden Settings APK for Android

Android Hidden Settings 1.7.5 MOD APK This application allows you to open certain settings in android devices, which some phone vendors hide from the user.

App uses knowledge the android system not documented,

not all settings work your phone.

Use this app with caution, and only change settings you understand.

You need a rooted phone, and no permissions are requested.

The design and usage of the app is very simple.

It allows you to change settings

that have been hidden by your carrier or device manufacturer.

the app allows access to hidden settings in your

Android devise without root,

without permission, used to change settings of every single component of your mobile device,

including cameras, radios, and even fingerprint systems.

Every Android version has its special options.

This app shows you only the available options for your device.

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Features of the app

  • Easily change advanced settings
  • No need to have a rooted phone
  • Access to hidden settings in your device
  • Shows you only the available options for your device

3 Easy Tricks to Crack Android Mobile Password or Pattern Lock

Trick #1. Unlock Pattern Lock via Factory Reset This is the simplest trick to unlock a locked Android device. However, the risk here is this method deletes all the data which are saved in the phone memory. If you are willing to go for this here are the steps to be followed- Step 1. Switch off your Android handset and wait for some time. Step 2. Now Press ‘+’ volume button and power button at the same time.

Step 3. It will open your Android device in Recovery mode. Now select the Factory Reset button from the menu.

Step 4. Next, when you get a list of options, tap on the ‘Wipe Cache Partition To Clean Data’.

Step 5. Finally, switch your Android device and you do!