Zoolz Cloud Backup Free Download[Win/Mac] 2022

Zoolz Cloud Backup Free Download[Win/Mac] 2022

Zoolz is a leading service provider in the market that uses cloud storage technology to securely back up, archive, and securely store huge amounts of data in the cloud for a lifetime. It allows you to move internal, external, and network drives to the cloud. You can back up all your important data, documents, photos, videos, MP3s, and other files in the Zoolz cloud storage.

Zoolz provides a preview of your RAW and jpeg photo backups stored in cloud storage. Alternatively, you can click on any office or PDF document to view it using Google Docs. The service allows you to instantly search for your files.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Free Download[Win/Mac] 2021


Best Service = Best Price
The intuitive design combines enterprise-level features such as scalability, centralized management, reliability, data tiering, and more. Unlike other services, Zoolz does not limit the bandwidth of the upload/download speed and does not set limits on the size of the upload/download file. You can use high-quality cloud backup that is available for all businesses.

Safe and reliable
Zoolz uses 256-AES encryption and is stored on 256-AES encrypted Amazon S3 servers. This level of security complies with all laws and regulations for the secure processing, transmission, and storage of data. Such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the hippie, PCI, or PCI-DSS act, and the glba, fisma, and joint Commission act.

Enterprise-level server core

The service uses the enterprise level. Your backups are duplicated and stored at multiple locations around the world, ensuring data availability on demand. All major calculations are performed on the internal cloud. This ensures smooth backups and minimal performance impact on your end.

Flexible web viewer
A powerful, lightweight file browser lets you view image previews of all your RAW cameras and jpeg images, instantly search for all your files, easily share them, and more. You can also drag and drop any files or folders to any location and create new folders.

Cloud storage: store more, pay less

With innovative cloud storage, you can instantly back up all your rarely accessed files for less than storing them locally. 100 GB for just $ 3 a month! Your files will be stored on a secure, reliable, and long-lasting Amazon AWS service that requires 3-5 hours of recovery. As soon as your files are ready to be uploaded, you will receive an email for recovery.

Copy, encrypt and send

The service offers backup, encryption, and delivery to process big data and speed up the backup process. Just use an easy-to-use utility to copy and encrypt your data on an external storage medium. Your files will be processed with zero knowledge in our data centers. You can use this service anytime you need to add more files.

Mobile access

With intuitive on-the-fly decryption, you can access encrypted file backups. In addition, you can view photos, play videos and music, and share files. You can also save them for editing and offline viewing.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Free Download[Win/Mac] 2021

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zoolz system requirements

At least 512 MB of RAM.
Intel Pentium® 4 processor or above, AMD Athlon™ 64.
200 MB of free hard drive space.
Windows Windows 7 at least SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 at least SP1, Windows Server 2012 and above


Zoolz Cloud Backup

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