EasyBook 7.2.0 – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Download

EasyBook Download free Directory Portal WordPress theme 7.2.0

EasyBook Download free Directory Portal WordPress theme 7.2.0

EasyBook 7.2.0 is an AitThemes Responsive Premium Portal WordPress Theme. With This WordPress Theme, You’re able to easily set up an online directory portal listing categorized items of any type – companies, shops, websites and so on. They’ve spent quite a long time developing the theme as many things were changed several times to make it right. You can Download the Previous Version Of This WordPress theme Directory+ Portal v1.41 WordPress Theme.

EasyBook  Simple & Powerful

Set up HivePress with no coding skills.

Custom Attributes

There’re no predefined listing attributes, so HivePress can be used for any type of directory and listing websites.

Advanced Search

Make any listing attributes searchable, filterable or sortable and group them by listing categories.

EasyBook  Front-end Submission

Any registered user can submit and manage listings without even knowing you’re using WordPress.

Moderation & Reporting

Approve or reject the submitted listings, or allow users to easily report inappropriate listings.

Extensible by Design

Easily extend the core functionality.

EasyBook  Free Extensions

by the same token, There’s a bunch of free extensions available

for HivePress, and many more are in progress.

Easy Theming

equally important Install the official ListingHive theme

with a few clicks or easily adjust styles with CSS snippets.

Hooks API

not to mention Actions and filters that allow

you to customize or extend to say nothing of the HivePress core functionality.


first, second, third There’s a REST API endpoint for every

front-end action so you can manage HivePress via third-party apps.

Supported & Updated

coupled with Getting help and continuous updates.

in the light of Free Support

in like manner, We provide free support that includes fixing

reported bugs and answering questions about HivePress.

EasyBook  Detailed Docs

as a matter of fact, There’s a screencast for every HivePress feature

and API references that are always up-to-date.

Regular Updates

not only … but also We are constantly working on improving

HivePress and release an update at least once a month.

EasyBook  Growing Community

in the first place Join our community forum to share your suggestions and help us keep HivePress awesome!

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