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iTools for Mac

iTools for Mac is a free application that helps you manage the content of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. it’s an alternative to iTunes with new features you’ll love.

For starters, iTools for Mac offers a complete overview of your iOS device, including the model when and where you bought it, when the warranty expires, the remaining battery percentage, the serial number and version of the operating system, and the amount of disk space occupied by music, videos, books, and other content.


But where iTools for Mac really shines, it can show what you’ve saved on your iPhone or iPad, import and export content such as photos, videos, songs, apps, e-books, and messages. iTools for Mac can even access the folder structure to find the files you thought you lost.

iTools for Mac also allows you to access your contact list, sent and received messages. To use this feature, you’ll have to turn off iCloud, as iTools for Mac doesn’t work very well with Apple’s online copy service.

When it comes to applications, iTools for Mac stands out because it can help you easily manage them by updating them one by one or in packages, directly from iTools for Mac. What’s more, if you have multiple accounts or devices, you’ll be able to sync content between them.

In addition, iTools for Mac helps to reorganize the desktops of iOS, easily reorganizing apps in subfolders in the group that iTunes makes the only one after the other.

If you need a more powerful tool than iTunes to manage content on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll find a powerful ally in iTools for Mac, to organize music, videos, and apps between different devices and your Mac.

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