KMPlayer for mac

KMPlayer For Mac

KMPlayer For Mac

KMPlayer’s extraordinary power, extraordinary performance Feel it on your Mac now! 
Global video player KMPlayer has attracted Mac users from around the world who have been using Mac version services. 
Like the existing KMPlayer PC version, the Mac version also smoothly plays files in various formats without clogging. 
Now clean on the Mac too! softly! You can enjoy high-quality video.

main function

Self-codec support
The built-in codec makes video playback faster and easier to use.

Supports various formats

supports various formats such as MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MKV, and AVI.

Implementation of the high-quality image you

can enjoy the high-definition, large-capacity video more vividly and vividly.
Video Capture
Capture video images and save them in JPG format.

The environment setting function program

Main Functions Image Processing, Voice Processing, Subtitle Processing

Multiple language supports English

, Korean, Japanese and Chinese are supported.

Installation recommendations

OS X 10.6 or later, hard disk installation space 178M or more


  • up: volume up
  • down: volume down
  • command + M: volume mute
  • enter: fullscreen / return
  • esc: full return
  • space: Play / Pause
  • command + ctrl + space: freeze
  • right: 5 seconds forward
  • left: 5 seconds back
  • command + right: 30 seconds forward
  • command + left: 30 seconds back
  • [: Subtitle 0.5 sec backward
  • ]: Subtitle 0.5 seconds forward
  • shift + [: subtitle 5 seconds back
  • shift +]: Subtitle 5 seconds forward
  • \: Reset Subtitle Sync
  • command + O: Open file