office timeline review

Office Timeline Review

Office timeline Review is an award-winning interactive timeline maker and project scheduler for professionals who need to build stunning visual project plans, schedules,Office timeline Review and Gantt charts. The software is especially useful for project managers,

IT professionals, marketers, knowledge workers, and consultants requiring a simple but robust platform that can quickly design and create graphical project slides.

Office timeline Review is equipped with intuitive design tools and powerful

automation features to streamline project management as well as come up with impressive presentations. It also comes with several free timeline templates that feature different visual styles, colors and content which are customizable

with Office Timeline Wizard so new users can smoothly learn to create timelines via step by step instructions. Aside from PowerPoint, Office Timeline also works with other applications such as Excel, Wrike, and Smartsheet for importing and exporting data pointers.

office timeline review
office timeline review

Overview of Office Timeline Benefits

Native PowerPoint timelines

Office Timeline works directly inside PowerPoint, so no other software is required. Because the timelines are native to MS PowerPoint, they are presentation ready and can be further customized using familiar PowerPoint features. Users are already familiar with PowerPoint and Office Timeline uses the same UI/UX as PowerPoint so there’s almost no learning curve. Office Timeline operates seamlessly as an add-on in Microsoft PowerPoint installed on Windows-based systems. It works with PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013, giving you a most recognizable powerhouse presentation platform you’re accustomed with to design and create graphical project slides.

Timelines with a professional look

Manually creating professional-looking timelines is a resource and time-intensive task. And you’ll need a hefty budget if you have them created by commercial artists and graphic designers. With Office Timeline, you yourself can make professional timelines and Gantt charts quick and easy. It takes just three simple steps – chooses the type of timeline you want to create, enter the data, and click Finish. You benefit from professional customized styles and templates that proven to be effective in the corporate world.

Easy to use project visuals creator

No complications are attached with Office Timeline. It is a user-friendly tool built to work flawlessly with PowerPoint that allows you to create timelines and Gantt charts that are very customizable and as stunning and colorful. Key features such as Cope & Paste, and Import & Sync speeds up the development process of business timelines. You can copy and paste your data directly into the interface or import data via MS Project or MS Excel.

Dozens of free templates

You get access to dozens of the free timeline and Gantt chart templates that you instantly customize or, if you prefer, easily make your own right inside PowerPoint. The templates made to powerful and customizable, you edit template elements (dates, colors, shapes and the styles) automatically or manually with timeline maker tool. There templates forte marketing plan, project plan, sales plan, office schedule, 12-month planning period, hourly or daily weekly work schedule, project to-do list, project management process, milestones, legal and court timeline, and many more.

Vast application and usage

Since its launch in 2012. Office Timeline used. by over a million professionals different. industries around. the world, proving its vast application. in a variety of fields including, others. Where there a need to plan, manage present project flows. milestones .timelinesthe software can do it the most comprehensible and visually effective manner.

Overview of Office Timeline Features

  • Free unlimited updates
  • Import & sync from Project
  • Import & sync from Excel
  • Copy & paste from Excel
  • Customizable prebuilt templates
  • Milestone & task shapes
  • Timeline Styles
  • Add % complete & task duration
  • Fit more tasks on a slide
  • Color fonts and shapes
  • Custom position timeline on the slide
  • Elapsed time
  • Technical & customer support
  • Integration

Awards & Quality Certificates