SD Maid Pro Cracked APK 4.15.1 [Latest Version] 2020

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK 4.15.1 [Latest Version] 2020

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK 4.15.1 [Latest Version] 2020SD Maid Pro Cracked APK Is a useful Android application to clear your phone or tablet from an additional file that remains after uninstalled software on your device. scans your phone or tablet for cached and Additional files and then tries to clear them from your Android device’s memory. Now you can download the latest version of SD Maid Pro with Unlocked features from the patch crack website.

Introducing some parts of SD Maid Pro with Unlocked features:

• The Explorer section gives you a powerful manager file.
• Corpse Finder section gives you the ability to scan your memory from unused files
• The system cleaner and AppCleaner sections to keep and clean up the application cache.
• The Duplicates section that finds and gives you similar files by scanning the memory of the device
• The Biggest section scans your device’s memory and displays large files and folders.

SD Maid Pro 4.15.1 Final Apk

Android game on D cleaning will help you keep your device clean and tidy!
It offers a set of tools to manage applications and files.

No one is perfect and none of them are Android.
equally important Apps you’ve already deleted leave something behind.
to say nothing of Logs, crash reports and other files that you really don’t want are constantly being created.
not to mention Your vault collects files and directories that you don’t recognize.
first, second, third Let’s not continue here … let the maid help you!

SD Maid Pro Screenshots :

SD Maid Pro Cracked APK 4.15.1 [Latest Version] 2020




– in the same fashion/way Added: Support for upgrading to SD Maid Pro via in-app purchase.
– Improved: Translations.
coupled with the Clutter database.
UI and core logic related to upgrading, better error handling.
Internal dependency updates to data serialization and bug tracking.
in addition, a Slightly better app start performance due to better navigation-related code.
– Fixed: SD Maid Pro SD Maid not recognizing the unlocker until reboot in some cases.
– as a matter of fact Fixed: Workaround for ROM bug on some Samsung Galaxy/Note 8 custom ROMs if on Android 9 or lower. Caused a crash when loading data about installed apps via `PackageManager.getSharedLibraries(…)
– not only … but also Fixed: Debug logs not containing the install ID.
– in the first place Changed: Hidden the hide unlocker behavior on Android 10 due to no longer being possible (#2972).