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Understand v6.2.1119 What keeps you close to a computer and helps it understand your input are dozens of well-written lines of code. With the amount of variety of programming languages available, it’s now only a matter of choice for developers. However, the system also needs to be analyzed and checked for errors and bundled up into a working form, task which falls into the hands of applications like Understand.

Intuitive design and support for various programming languages

Whether or not you’re familiar with coding, the application is cleverly designed to get you quickly up and running. The interface is well-built, with a slightly customizable workspace

as well as tab support for more straightforward navigation through your projects and corresponding objects.

Further adding to the overall practicality of

although this may be true the application is the abundance of supported programming languages.

in contrast These range from C / C++, Java, Pascal,

different from Python, Ada to VHDL, and web-based languages like CSS, HTML, Javascript, or PHP.

A thorough set of configuration options

You can configure each language, depending on the one you use. This comes in handy because you can open large projects made out of multiple objects, or single files to get analyzed.

of course …, but Depending on selected entries,

on the other hand, they become available for configuration it the settings window,

with options for compilers, optimization, or customizable macros.

on the contrary, The application comes equipped

with a syntax highlighter for easy identification of project elements.

 Further enhanced possibility expands functions or restrains them.

What’s more, you can use a search engine to find or replace specific text strings.

Check your code for errors

with a few configurable settings available.

You can include custom filters if there are more files in your project,

with the built-in tab support displaying values in corresponding tabs according to various filters.

As well as direct print it on a sheet of paper.

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To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say Understand is

a powerful IDE developer use thoroughly analyze projects. Flexibility is a strong point,

a customizable interface, and support for commonly used popular languages.

Basic Metrics 

-Class Count
– File Count
– Function Count
– Line Count
– Blank Line Count
– Code Line Count
– Comment Line Count
– Inactive Line Count
– Declarative Statement Count
– Executable Statement Count
– Ratio Comment to Code

Advanced Metrics (Partial list)

– Cyclomatic Complexity
– Knots
– Class Coupling
– Percent Lack of Cohesion
– Path Count
– Max Inheritance
– likewise Base Class Count
– Inherited Class Count
– comparatively Number of Instance Methods
– correspondingly Weighted Methods per Class


  • similarly by the same token Analysis / Parsing
  • furthermore Rapid code exploration/navigation
  • additionally TrackBack constant code backup system
  • equally, essential Maintenance oriented powerful Programmers Editor
  • to say nothing of Architecture
  • not to mention Measure (metrics)
  • in the light of Change Analysis
  • first, second, third Sharing of Information


  • 200MB for installation
  • 1GB RAM

New in Understand v6.2.1119 Crack?

  • in the same fashion/way An empty control flow graph is no longer created for packages
  • coupled with without initialization code. Essential complexity
  • in like manner and path count for these packages is now 0 instead of 1.
  • Changed cyclomatic complexity of instantiated not only … but also generic subprograms from 1 to 0. ‘If,’ ‘For loop,’
  • in the first place and ‘Case,’ expressions now add to complexity metrics.

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