Viber Crack Latest Version 2022 Free Download

Viber Crack Latest Version Free Download

Viber Crack customers on your mobile phone, then go to your Workspace. You must install the program to Windows on your computer and an appropriate application on your mobile phone (or Android application) and let it finish. It will automatically bring your contacts, email as well as the experience between your mobile and your computer. The app for Windows is a cross-stage moment messenger while VoIP can be a multi-stage moment phone and courier that allows you to call and transmit messages using a message device that allows you to make calls or send messages out to it customers via your cell phone, and then visit your Workspace. You must install the app to Windows on your PC, and an acceptable application on your phone (or Android application) and allow to finish.

Viber Crack

Viber 18 Crack for Windows is a phone and information application that connects users regardless of their name is or where they’re from. With a secure and free connection, more than one billion people worldwide chat with their loved ones and friends with great audio videos, videos, text messages, and much more. If you transfer a file to an unsupported format and it is then resized and then switches to the most practical arrangement during the move. Additionally, you can modify DVD documents using the included editor. It is possible to download and save first HD videos from video sharing sites and even without the Web. You can also change your videos to the correct browsing style on any device. It has a sleek interface. The secure and free software is used by over one billion people around the world.

Viber 2022 Crack Torrent For Windows 7/8/10/11

Viber 2022 Crack let the fun times take place. The use of file sharing is beneficial especially in the case you want your pet loved one to be able to access the file quickly and without difficulty. It allows you to transmit a variety of documents that can be up to 200MB. That means that you’ll now be able to bombard the recipient with numerous documents. It is simply a simple record (s) you wish to provide to the person or group you’re talking to. It is possible to share your files during the meeting, and you also have the option of sending your photos with our new intuitive interface. You can also alter the content you transmit by choosing the uncompressed size they are in (once more, and up to 200MB) or uploading them in the standard form.

Viber 18.3 Crack users who use it on Windows can avoid paying fees for cell phones when they text or call via the app on their phones. The app lets them send texts for free to anyone, anyplace. It’s free for everyone to use. It available for Desktop is now simpler than ever before to connect with family members, friends, and colleagues. Making use of your desktop as well as mobile devices is now feasible. Text messages and calls can be delivered. There are more than half a billion people. From beginning to finish the use of encryption to secure your information in calls and conversations. A reliable program must be utilized. A video downloader of this quality is extremely useful. It contends with Whatsapp for the title of the most well-known cross-stage/cross-gadgets forming administration around the world.

Viber 18 Crack Latest Version For 32Bit Windows

Viber 18 Crack One of the major differences between Whatsapp as well as Skype can be found in the fact that Skype can converse with all your contacts on your mobile phone who also utilize the assistance not only those who are Skype contacts. Call, talk and send pictures, SMS, and audio recordings for no cost with any phone contacts who also use the app. You can also video call with up to 100 contacts at once! Simple UI makes the whole package very well. A semblance of Whatsapp is executing the traditional mobile SMS business, because of their accessibility and continuously increasing the number of information included. It’s free to network or device which means you can send free messages and make calls to other users from any location! Contacts messages, calls, and histories will all be synced with our mobile application.

More than a billion people around the world make use of secure and free connections for messages, calls, and other applications. The software lets you talk to others via instant messaging and voice calls. It is available via your mobile, which means it is possible to connect to a PC. Viber 18.3.0 Crack on PC can be a text and call application that brings people closer regardless of their gender or where they’re from. With its free and secure connection, more than 1 billion people around the world connect with loved ones through HD audio, video and voice call text messages and many other features. Chats and calls have been encrypted from end to end and you’ll know that your conversations remain safe. You can also transform your videos into VR format.

Viber 18.3 Crack Torrent For Mac/Windows Free Download

Viber 18.3 Crack is easy to edit DVD videos using its built-in editors. You can also save or upload your favorite HD videos from video-sharing websites or even on the Internet. You can also convert the format to be suitable for playback across all devices. It comes with a user-friendly interface. To be able to use it with the Windows PC, you will first have to download it on your phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Phone applications are available). After that, download it Windows Desktop client onto your computer and log in to sync your contacts across both devices. After that, you can call and chat as you please without cost. If you’d like to make calls to other non-VoIP customers (landlines or mobiles directly) it is possible to do this by making use of it Out.

You can now reply to messages on a computer or mobile phone, which means you can reply to messages that are sent in your group chat or forward chat, and you’ll never feel secure. Communities are a fresh method of bringing people together. Think of group chats: with unlimited participants, more control, and exciting chat features. Add any contact to the chat header to transform it into the group! Add the user into your groups by simply dragging the connection to the chat header for the group. You can also convert your video into VR format quickly. Additionally, Viber Crack is also possible to transfer media files to Apple devices, or from Android gadgets, USB drives, or external hard drives easily.

Viber 18.3.0 Crack Full Version For 64Bit Windows

Viber 18.3.0 Crack to use it on the Windows PC you will first have to install it on your phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Phone apps are available). Then, you can download it Windows clients for desktops on your PC, and log in to synchronize your contacts between the two devices. Once you’re done, you can chat and call to your heart’s content for no cost. If you’d like to make calls to another non-VoIP user (landlines as well as mobile phone directly) you can use it Out. These calls aren’t free however they are offered at affordable costs. It is among the most well-known VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and multi-platform instant messaging apps for mobile and computers that lets you make no-cost video and audio calls as well as exchange text and multimedia messages.

You can make use of it Out when you add credit to your it account. The quality of the calls is generally high except for regions with a slow internet connection. Viber Crack can be used to make calls to non-it mobile or landline numbers for low costs. The app is accessible on a range of phones and operating systems. It is optimized for and compatible with Android tablets! Utilize it on both your tablet and phone simultaneously. It is also possible to convert video into VR format with ease. It is also possible to transfer media files to Apple devices, or from Android phones, USB drives, or external hard drives easily. When you transfer any format that is not supported by the file, it will convert its format to the format that is compatible when you transfer it.

Why do we need a Viber Crack to Free and secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere?

Cross-platform utility that offers a comfortable user interface

To work efficiently using this application for optimal performance, it needs to have been installed both on your desktop and mobile devices you’re trying to connect with. It allows you to exchange emoticons and places along with pictures, text videos, and text messages. Verifying the status of an account and scheduling, as well as purchasing in-chat offer everything your customers might need right at their fingertips. Viber 2022 Crack helps lower block rates, providing users with the ability to preview messages and enable future messages to be sent.

Notifications and automatic contacts searcher

In terms of the settings are involved, you can set the program to display alerts only for messages, or call messages. Concerning contacts, there is no need to import them to Viber Crack. Instead of having to manually look for them, you can let the app do the tedious task by giving access to the address book on your device due to its ability to be capable of automatically identifying and using contacts to use.


Performance-wise, It ran smoothly during our test and did not cause your operating system to freeze and crash or show up warning messages. Viber Crack is an open-source VoIP (voice over Internet) application that lets users send messages for free and make calls for free with other it users, from all devices, networks, or even in any country that you are in.

Voice and video calls

Quality calls can be used to say “hello” or a much-needed face-to-face chat. The quality of sound on phone calls was superb and the connection remained steady during our tests. This was more than other “checked” icons, which are currently in use. I would love should users be able to choose between the two types of icons when setting up the application.

Calls and chats in groups

Viber 18 Crack as well as like comments in chat rooms for groups. You can also start the group video or voice call immediately. It’s an extremely international service. It’s been in use for quite a while and is popular and attracting a lot of users. You can monitor what’s happening to your messages. Monitor, track, and enhance it messages and user interactions in real-time using the Conversation API.

Viber Crack

Stickers & GIFs

Unlimited stickers and GIFs to express any expression you want. Don’t have enough? Create your own. Searching for text within conversations can be a great feature. You can make free phone calls and video calls using the highest HD high-quality voice. It is easy to share images, video messages, and voice messages, as well as places, contact information and stickers, rich links, and much more.

On mobile & desktop

Chats are completely and seamlessly connected between different devices. This includes the single-tap transmission of phone calls. The download fixed and animated stickers are available from the Market categories and then change the order of your stickers. Enjoy games with your it buddies, Violet Legate and Violet Legate; check out how many coins you can earn playing your mind-level game. Add a phone number to your list of messages and calls according to your wishes.

Branded business communications

Make your customers feel like family! Through Viber 18.3 Crack, you can add your name to the sender’s name and make your messages personal. Through it for Business, you can start conversations with your customers to increase awareness of your brand, and also send timely, relevant messages. Additionally, It Chatbots lets you streamline the user communication process and connect with your clients 24/7 via automated conversations.

Cost-efficient delivery

When you use it Business Messaging, you only pay for messages that are delivered. You can go beyond the 180 characters limit and join an international user base on Viber 18.3.0 Crack. With a personalized corporate profile page, your users will be able to identify you through the authentic checkmark. Chatbots are a great way to automate your conversations, and effortlessly integrate them into the CRM system, your contact center as well as other tools for business.

Security is the priority

Everything you send via Viber Crack is encrypted from beginning to end, which means you can be confident that your conversations are safe. Utilize it by integrating our omnichannel conversation API to collect all your communication channels together in one location. Create your personalized message using interactive messages and links. If you’re using it business Messages or it Chatbots, you can ensure that your chats remain relevant and relevant.

Drag and drop apps to be connected

Connecting apps has never been simpler. Make use of our visual builders to integrate applications and automate workflows within minutes. Learn how data is transferred between apps and eliminate the hassle of figuring it out.

Automate all processes in your company

Manage complex and simple workflows without sacrificing efficiency, power, and your cool. From sales and marketing to development and IT, Integromat allows anyone to automatize their tasks and work.

Key Features Of Viber 18 Crack:

  • Notes and contacts sync between your device and Windows
  • Transfer continuous calls between gadgets
  • Video calls can be made from all devices with Android 4.0 and higher, or the other contacts. You can also transfer video calls between your portable device and Workspace!
  • Make friends with ease using your number or by scanning their QR
  • Respond quickly to messages and with quick response
  • Push notifications guarantee that you’ll never miss a phone call or text message, regardless of when is not in use.
  • Operating framework sharing to share photos and videos directly from the display of your device
  • The design was conceived with Android’s local Android UI
  • Respond quickly to messages and with quick response
  • The push notifications will ensure you don’t miss a message or call or message, even if is turned off.
  • Operation framework blend: transfer photos and videos straight via the screen of your device
  • Created with a local Android UI
  • The application must install on Windows computers to be able to access the program.
  • Contacts, emails, as well as the history of your phone, will be synced between your phone as well as your PC after downloading the app.
  • Viber 2022 Crack is free to send and receiving of messages, images as well as HD calling calls.
  • It automatically populates contacts lists of users, to allow them to get in touch with others quickly.
  • Downloading isn’t a problem whatever the file format. It doesn’t matter where it is.
  • The product is utilized by any film group.
  • Privacy is assured.
  • Videos can be downloaded much faster. This can be helpful.
  • Drag or drop the document (s) you’d like to send to the person or group you’re speaking to.

More Key Features Of Viber 18 Crack:

  • Connect any contact onto the header of the discussion that you already have and turn it an entire group!
  • Include the person you want to add to your discussion group dropping their name in the group chat header. Then let the fun begin!
  • Integration with your operating system sharing of videos and photos straight from your gallery on your device.
  • Viber Crack You can make video calls on most phones that run Android 4.0 and above the other contacts. You can also move video calls between mobile and Desktop!
  • Your friends’ messages may be up to 7,000 characters.
  • The application will inform you of any change in the contact information. This means that you can now overwhelm your recipient with a huge quantity of files.
  • You can even manage the quality of the information you transmit by deciding on the original uncompressed size of data (again at least 200MB) or sending them in the standard compressed format.

Tools Of Viber 18 Crack:

  • Many awesome stickers
  • All the stickers you have on your phone are available on your Desktop. Click to sync, then click submit.
  • Public Accounts:
  • Connect with the companies and brands that you are interested in and follow their social media accounts to get the exclusive content they publish.
  • Create Your Community:
  • Communities are a fresh method to bring people together. Imagine a chat group that has unlimited members, more control over administration, and brand-new features for communication.
  • Connect a contact to other contacts:
  • Send information about someone on your contacts list in the quickest, most efficient method. Drag the contact you wish to share information with into a chat room for a one-on-one or group chat.
  • Chat extensions:
  • Find, search as well as share songs, GIFs video clips, hotels, restaurants, events and many more on your preferred websites without ever leaving your chats.
  • Safe throughout the journey:
  • The messages are encrypted when they are sent over the Internet from your device to the recipient.
  • End-to-end encryption:
  • Encryption keys are available on devices used by users, and not elsewhere. In this way, no one even Viber Crack can see your messages.
  • Share almost any type of file that is up to 200MB.
  • The use of file-sharing is useful particularly if you wish your cat to be able to access it swiftly and effortlessly. It allows you to share almost all kinds of files, up to 200MB. 
  • Upload photos more quickly by dropping them into conversations.
  • As you send your files via chat You can also send your images using our enhanced drag-and-drop feature.
  • Reliable contacts
  • You can verify the identity of the user you’re communicating with through the exchange of secret keys.

Viber Crack

What’s New In Viber Crack?

  • Windows version is updated to
  • Android version updated to
  • macOS version is updated to
  • Fixes for bugs and improvements for Android
  • You can make video calls using the majority of Android 4.0 devices, as well as additional contacts.
  • Additionally, You can move video conversations between your phone and PC!
  • You can quickly add friends by typing in your Viber 18 Crack number, or by scanning your QR Code.
  • New design layout.
  • Available in the following language versions: Bulgarian, Persian, and Serbian.

FAQ’s About Viber Crack:

Which is more effective Viber Crack?

Viber Crack might have a larger number of users than WhatsApp has. That could be the reason some people think that WhatsApp is more popular or better known. But when it comes to the features it offers, Viber Crack is the winner. It offers users greater features than WhatsApp can offer.

What does Viber 18 Crack use to accomplish?

Viber 18 Crack can be described as a cost-free download app that lets users make free calls and send images, texts videos, pictures as well as text messages to other users. It is available on mobile and desktop devices and lets users communicate with others across the world. In February, as of the 15th of February Viber’s messaging feature boasts 236 million active monthly users.

Is Viber Keygen safe?

Viber Keygen employs end-to-end encryption. It prevents messages from being visible to a third party. The news that is sent via the device’s encryption is secured before sending the message via your contact list.

Is Viber 2022 Crack for free?

Viber 2022 Crack is a no-cost, simple quick, safe, and fast messaging and calling application. International calls can be made for free, send messages using text, chat rooms can be created, and more. All you need is an internet connection and data plan and you’re good to go.

Which is better? WhatsApp instead of Viber?

Even though Viber can provide its users with more entertainment-focused alternatives, WhatsApp provides a light and effective alternative. Additionally, WhatsApp has positioned itself as a user-friendly VoIP service that connects you to a large number of users across the globe.

Is Viber safe?

Yes! Viber uses end-to-end encryption. It shields messages from being read by a third party. The message sent by your phone is protected before the message is delivered to the person you want to send it to.

What exactly is Viber and how does it function?

Viber is a free download application that lets users make calls for free, and send videos, texts, and pictures messages to others Viber members. It can be used on computers and mobile devices and allows users to connect with other users around the globe. In February 2015, the app has claimed 236 million monthly active users.

Is Viber for free?

You can download the Viber mobile application for iOS or Android and the desktop application available for Windows, Mac, or Linux. The free app to send texts and calls via voice and video calls. In contrast to other messaging apps, Viber does not require a password or username.

Which is better? Skype than Viber?

If you’re looking for a chat-focused application with video and other functionalities for business, the best option is Skype. However, If you’re seeking a more flexible and mobile solution for your family Viber’s engaging features and end-to-end encryption makes it an ideal choice.


  • Viber 18.3 Crack is an open-source product that runs across all platforms.
  • It doesn’t matter if someone is using either an Android as well as one with an iOS device. It’ll work the same way it always has.
  • Furthermore, the Desktop version of HTML0 is great.
  • You can toggle between versions for desktop and mobile during chats and you will receive the most up-to-date updates right away.


  • Viber 18.3.0 Crack updates can allow changing images too.
  • Status of the messages earlier versions of HTML0 had tiny text that reads “sent,” “delivered,” “seen” (or something like that).

System Requirements Of Viber Crack:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit only), 8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit) or 7, SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • 1 GHz or more processor
  • RAM, 32-bit: 2 GB, 64-bit: 4 GB
  • Disk space: 4.0 GB
  • 1360 x 768 resolution display with True Color

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How To Install Viber Crack?

  1. In the first step, you must download Viber Crack your installation files using the link below.
  2. The download file for Crack Crack installation file making use of.
  3. The executable files are installed and continue clicking until you are asked to select the installation location.
  4. After installing the software You must label the location on the disc that you want to install the software.
  5. After the installation process is completed Don’t run the program at once.
  6. Start by opening the Readme file. It is likely to be in the folder to install.
  7. After choosing a folder begin by opening the Patch file. Click the next button or copy the keygen’s file and place it in it.
  8. The corrective procedure may take a couple of seconds before the correction maybe not work.
  9. Once the process is completed, a shortcut will be made on your desktop.
  10. Restart your system.


Viber 2022 Crack You can send free messages and make gratuitous calls to other users using every device and network, from any place. connects your messages contact, messages, as well as call logs to the mobile phone. This means that you can initiate an online conversation using the mobile application and carry on the conversation using a personal device.


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