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ZenMate VPN For Firefox

ZenMate VPN For Firefox

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Preview of ZenMate VPN for Firefox

ZenMate VPN for Firefox
by ZenMate

ZenMate VPN for Firefox-Enjoy unmatched stability and performance through servers in over 30 locations (4 locations for free users). Encrypt online activities and unblock websites to enjoy an unrestricted and secure web, the way it was meant to be.

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ZenMate secures your Internet communication

ZenMate-unblocking the Internet since 2013
Security& Privacy, Speed, Unblocking, Protection
Introducing our new Premium plan with more locations and Premium features.
About this extension
ZenMate VPN-Now powered by a complete WebExtensions rewrite, built up from scratch.

ZenMate for Firefox offers the best cybersecurity solution to encrypt your connection, access our secure proxy servers & unblock websites easily.

We are trusted by over 45 million users, and here is why:

The best VPN out there:
We’ve taken apart out Firefox extension and rebuild it from scratch. What does this mean for you? ZenMate for Firefox is now among the most robust browser add-ons out there, with unmatched stability and performance. And faster. Much faster.

Total Security & Privacy:

Zenmate’s Free tier offers you complete security for your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Yandex). Upgrading to ZenMate Premium gives you complete protection for your browser, mobile, and PC.

A (real) Free tier where you’ll never be the product:

Zenmate’s free users will only have access to 4 locations with unlimited data and bandwidth. With increasing infrastructure costs and no intention to log/sell data, this was badly needed.

Complete Freedom:

Unblock any site on the internet and hide your IP by changing your location using our VPN. Choose from numeric locations around the world!

No Logs. No Ads. No Worries:

As always, we’re super strict about how we handle your usage of ZenMate, built upon the strictest German privacy laws. We do not log/watch any of your data or usage with ZenMate in any way. This so makes it impossible for us to sell any data to advertisers since we don’t have any.

~~~~ ~

We know that’s good. But you know what’s even better? ZenMate Premium. Why?

Premium Locations at Turbo Speed:
Access a secure internet from over 30 locations around the world. Unblock websites and download whatever you want without throttling or limits.

Desktop and Mobile VPN clients:

Secure all your connections with our VPN clients for Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS. Route all your traffic through our highly secured servers and protect everything from file transfers to VoIP and messaging.

Protect every activity on every device:
With ZenMate for PC and Mobile, you’re all set. Torrent or unblock whatever you want, secure and anonymized.

Premium Support:

Get Premium Support for any questions or help you might need with ZenMate VPN on any of your devices. We’re always there for you.

Additional Features:

Need a Kill-switch for your PC? Done.
custom locations based on specific URLs? Done.
anonymize your downloads? Done.
Protection from Malware and Trackers? Done.
Want to use ZenMate on up to 5 devices at a time? You got it.
Want to give it a spin without committing? We’ve got a 14-day money back guarantee.

~ ~ Disclaimer ~~
We cannot guarantee that our service will work in China, Iran & Saudi Arabia. Even if you are able to download the application, we strongly recommend that you do not purchase Premium accounts. We are not responsible for a lack of service and are not able to provide refunds.

~ ~ Protection Guaranteed ~~
As a German company, we are bound by strict data privacy laws and do not track any IP or connection data. Unblock the internet and stay safe. We have nothing to hide! Find out more here:

~ ~ Keep in touch! ~~
Get our latest updates and news:
the https://zenmate.com/
➥ Facebook: www.facebook.com/zenmate.io
➥ Twitter: www.twitter.com/ZenMate
➥ Google+: plus.google.com / + ZenMateIO
➥ VK: https://vk.com/zenmateofficial

~ ~ Security Advice ~~
ZenMate VPN does not protect against security threats caused by Flash Player and WebRTC. To stay safe, ZenMate strongly advises all users to follow guidelines described in our FAQ article ” How can I protect myself from IP leaks caused by Flash or WebRTC?”.
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District Court: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg
Commercial Register #: HRB 151355 B

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